2011 BMW 5 series M sportpack spy


2011 bmw 5-series m sportpack

So, you like the new BMW 5 series but think it looks to tame? And you don’t need the performance of the upcoming M5. Well here we can show you the solution, the M-Sportspack for the 5 series. This M-sportpackage will be official together with the M5 in Paris this year but we can already show you how it looks. As you can see the front bumper will get a more aggressive look, almost looking like the M5 but with foglights in the outer ends. The side skirts will also change and be more marked. Rear bumper is also camouflaged and will probably get some smaller changes. The M-sportspack will have 18 inch wheels as standard but this prototype is having the optional 19 inch wheels mounted which looks great.

2011 bmw 5 m pack

bmw 5 m sportpack 2011

2011 bmw m5 pack



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