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2012 Nissan GT-R black

Nissan GT-R 2012 without cammo at Nurburgring

Here are some photos of the uncammoed Nissan GT-R on its last minute testing at a very foggy and rainy Nurburgring. They had several...

2011 Pagani C9 testing in Southern Europe

Here are the latest and so far best spy photos of the upcoming supercar Pagani C9. This prototype was shot during some high altitude...
2011 Skoda Roomster RS

2011 Skoda Roomster RS? Sport pack?

Here is a tricky one, what is Skoda testing with this Roomster prototype? We know they just released a facelift and this one has...
Next gen 2012 Mercedes SLK

Next gen 2012 Mercedes SLK inside out

The next generation Mercedes SLK is dropping more and more of its camouflage and these latest photos show more details than ever. And we...
2012 audi s7 white

New 2012 Audi S7 in white

In addition to the black Audi S7 published yesterday, here is one in white as well.
2012 Lamborghini Jota Superleggera

2012 Lamborghini Jota Superleggera spied

The successor of the mighty Lamborghini Murcielago just made its first appearance on the Nurburgring. Rumored to be dubbed Jota this car is rumored...
2012 audi s7

Audi S7 2012 without cammo

The Audi S7, the sportier brother to the Audi A7 has been spotted without camouflage for the first time. First time we shot the...
2013 Mercedes ML AMG 63

2013 Mercedes ML AMG 63

Once again the ML AMG 63 has been caught near the Nurburgring in Germany. Still under heavy camouflage compared to the much lighter camouflaged...
2011 opel meriva ev

2011 Opel Meriva EV

In all secret has Opel developed a BEV, Battery Electric Vehicle. Together with Bosch, Mercedes and some German institutes, Opel have started the project...
2012 Mercedes C-Class Coupe white

2012 Mercedes C-Class Coupe in white with interior

We have showed you photos of the new Mercedes C-Class Coupe before, but this is the first time that we can show you the...
2012 Jaguar XF facelift

2012 Jaguar XF facelift first photos

After being on the market for some years now, the Jaguar XF is soon up to a midlife refresh proven by these photos. By...
bmw 6 coupe 2012

BMW 6 series Coupe 2012 at Nurburgring

Here are the latest photos of the BMW 6 series Coupe during some test laps at a misty Nurburgring.
2012 Kia Rio

2012 Kia Rio – first shots

The Korean company KIA begun testing a new generation Rio. 2012 Kia Rio, which will be available in hatchback and sedan will debut next year....
2012 kia picanto

2012 Kia Picanto

Kia launched the first road tests of new gen compact hatchback Picanto. Kia Picanto 2012 model year, on whose appearance the design team labored under...
2011 bmw m5 on trailer

2011 BMW M5 with problems

There is a reason that BMW and most other manufacturers are testing their prototypes hard on the Nurburgring, so that these kinds of problems...
2012 mercedes ML interior

2012 Mercedes ML in light cammo and interior photo

We have seen plenty of spy photos of the upcoming Mercedes ML, but this is the first time we get a good look at...
2012 ford fiesta suv

Ford smaller Fiesta based SUV spied

Here is the proof that Ford is working on a little brother to the Kuga. These photos show the first mule if a Fiesta...

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