2010 VW Jetta


It is expected that the production of the new VW Jetta will begin in late 2008 – early 2009.

2010 VW Jetta

2010 Volkswagen Jetta

new VW Jetta


  1. Please tell me that the above Jetta will not be the 2010 model.

    Why go from nice looking to this grill?

  2. that’s not the new jetta…this is the current model :S I expect new model of jetta to look just like new gti 2010. that car is awesome!!

  3. why vw so behind about the best line they have. 99-2005 was sportier and better looking. It is getting more boring every year. What is wrong with you vw.

  4. I’ve purchased (5) jetta’s in my life time please don’t make me switch to a different company! 1st= 1987 gl, 2nd= 1990 gli 16v, 3rd= 1995 glx vr6 (the best so far), 4th= 2004 gli vr6, 5th= 2006 gli 2.0t. Would prefer to keep buying VW’s the CC caught my eye but too pricy at the sporty model (vr6 engine) even though I’m getting up there in age (57) still want that German engineering that’s not as pricy as BMW and the like, please don’t lose me to another company…….

  5. i have acar jetta in egypt but icant make servce becus the cambny teel me thes car cam from goolf not form egypt what I did naw ? please


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