2010 Renault Master Van


2010 renault master van

2010 renault master

renault master 2010

renault spy


  1. Look the logo, it didn’t take the form of a diamond ( renault’s logo) but a circle ! It’s not the new master ! It’s only the neW mercedes sprinter !

  2. Whatever it is, they have ruined it by doing exactly what they did to the new Ducato/Boxer/Relay. Sacrifice
    cab depth for cargo space. The cab windows are now ‘portholes’ not windows, and that curved bottom corner is awful. All they have done is create dangerous blind spots for drivers with long legs and who have seats right back. What a cock-up.

  3. If the new Renault Master looks familiar that’s because the French van formed the base for the also new Opel / Vauxhall Movano that was also unveiled today. In fact, the only differences between the two models are limited to the front grille and badges inside and out. Other than that, the Master and the Movano are one and the same.


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