2010 Range Rover Sport


Range Rover Sport 2010

2010 Land Rover Sport

Jeep Range Rover Sport 2010 model year, which has previously caught photographers at the Arctic tests, was shots without camouflage at Nurburgring.
Full-SUV apparently not changed too much: only changed the design front bumper and the radiator grill, a “branded” rectangular headlights remained unchanged. This suggests that major changes will come at the technical “stuffing.” According to some reports, 2010 Range Rover Sport receives turbocharged V8 power of 500 hp, making it one of the most powerful mass-produced SUV in the world.


  1. He who sits behind the steering wheel of the Range Rover Sport is driving a real dream. Its simply matchless.

  2. Just ordered my NEW 2010 RR sport today….. i really cannot wait until Oct to obtain it……

    Mmmmm cool

  3. what a hideous car? unnecessarily too expensive, buy a RAV4 and it cost you much less and the performance is not that different from a RR.

  4. Range Rover Sport is not a car for low minded men,but 4 men of taste and style.it”s one of my dream car,the car 4 millennium stars.i fall in lov with it each time it drove pass me


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