2010 Mercedes SLC – new spy shots


Mercedes benz SLC

Following the announcement of the leadership of Mercedes on the cessation of cooperation with McLaren, in the German concern begun to establish its own supercar SLC.

Mercedes SLC, which will replace the legendary supercar SLR, at first glance is quite a common design solutions to the “American” Dodge Viper. True, the German model will be much bounding and Viper, and SLR. It is anticipated that the wheelbase Mercedes SLC will be about 2.7 m.

Judging from the images, a car equipped with a rigid folding roof. According to data from various sources, 6.2 litre AMG V8 engine capacity of over 550 hp put in the middle part of the model. Such an engine would allow the machine to disperse the “hundreds” of 3.5 seconds, but max speed will exceed 300 km per hour.

In stock Mercedes SLC appears at the end of 2010.

Mercedes SLC spy shots

2010 Mercedes Benz SLC

2010 Mercedes SLC new spy shots

Mercedes SLC supercar


  1. nope it’s the merc sls. it’s based on a early state of the viper and mercedes bought it when dodge bit the dust.


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