2010 Lotus Eagle – spied


2010 Lotus Eagle

Lotus has confirmed it will unveil an all-new model at this year’s London Motor Show in July as part of its 60th anniversary celebrations, and although no official details have been given as to the identity of the new car these recent spy shots of a Lotus prototype at the Nurburgring lead us to believe it will in fact be the long-rumored ‘Eagle2+2 GT. A second clue as to the identity of this new model was the release of suspension and chassis details back in February as well as the registration of the ‘Eagle’ name by Lotus in the U.S.

Lotus Eagle 2010

New Lotus Eagle

spy shots

spy photos

Expected to be a paddle-shifted mid-engine sports car with a 300hp Toyota V6 as its powerplant, the Eagle will also have 2+2 seating on what is essentially an expanded Elise frame. The Eagle won’t be the successor to the legendary Esprit but will instead fill a gap between the Elise/Exige and an all-new supercar due around 2010.

Hopes of cross-country touring in a single Eagle with friends in tow are unfortunately dashed with news that the rear seats are suitable only for small children. Those looking for a stylish and sporty ride, however, are in luck, as the extra space is perfect for small cargo, such as golf bags.



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