2010 Lexus RX


new 2010 lexus rx suv

2010 Lexus RX SUV spy shots

Lexus began to experience a new generation of crossover 2010 RX. And, the most interesting that the machine was not seen in the U.S., and Germany – this is a sure sign that the engineers are now almost finished a model and is now engaged refinement of suspension and steering.

The cardinal changes in design Lexus RX should not wait. The car will be outwardly similar to the current produced RX350, although, of course, an entirely new crossover will receive the body. Yes, and of their dimensions, the new model will be slightly more – this will be possible to produce not only a standard 5 – the local version, but 7 – local modification.

Production of 2010 Lexus RX will begin later this year, as sales start in the first quarter of 2009.

lexus rx 2010

new gen lexus rx

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  1. i have been waiting 3 years for dusl exhust,
    ans some change in look
    . very disapointed. since 1999 NO najor change.

    robert perothers
    have owned 3 now about to change

  2. nice car but you loose lots of money buying this cars, allready had 4 and after a few years(2)the car looses about 10.000 to 15.000 that’s lots of money now a 2007 RX is about $21.000 in a trade in after 2 years I think the dealers are making to much money and we are loosing lots of money since the car was $42.000, the only car that hold the value is the hybrid one . I thin I will be lloking to another cars since I got tired of loosing lots of money

  3. How can you possibly be surprised that your new luxury car is losing value? And you have no one else to blame but yourself for owning 4 of them. If you weren’t happy with the trade-in value of your first one, why would you buy 3 more of them?!


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