2010 Honda CrossTour – new shots



Honda CrossTour will be put into production in September this year at a factory in Ohio. CrossTour located in a specific range of road, somewhere between the CR-V and Pilot.

This model is followed by a motor i-VTEC, the volume of 3.5 liters. But this year has already seen the new units on the prototype models of Acura RDX 2010, so you can expect other, more productive and efficient motors. Four turbo engine volume 2.3 liters. of RDX, could also fit in the CrossTour.

The car will be equipped with a full drive.

honda crosstour crossover

honda crosstour crossover 2010

2010 honda crosstour engine

2010 honda cross tour

2010 honda crossover accord


  1. I don’t know whether to cry, vomit at its exterior design or just get depressed! WTF was Honda thinking with this ugly a$$ car?! The a$$ end looks like a Chrysler Crossfire, the front end is an accord, the sides look like a vomit mix of Toyota Anza (or whatever it’s called) and a Prius.

    AND ITS STILL NOT A DIESEL!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I think the new car from honda need a little more class and elegance. I always get a toyota or honda because the quality. but soo far the new honda don’t have what families are looking today. and this is a good and elegant car.

    Hyundai Genesis have more class and style the any other car at this time. good work huyndai.

  3. Agreed the Crosstour’s profile takes a bit of getting used to. However, it offers far more versatility than the comparable Accord sedan – or Camry or Avalon or Mazada 6 or…

    Its CUV versatility combined with Honda’s Super Handling All Wheel Drive system (that is available only on Acura’s this year), legendary reliabitlity and renowned standard luxury features will make it a strong competitor in the crossover market, something Toyota lacks completely (the Versa is a joke).

    The styling is edgy (like its Acura TL cousin). Some will like it, others not. That said, I predict the Crosstour will be a market winner, Honda once again raising the bar in a new class of vehicle.

  4. Not sure what the complaint is about the looks. Looks fine to me. Was looking to buy Accord then heard about Crosstour and the extra trunk room. I don’t buy em for looks. I buy em cause they do what I want them to do.

  5. The Honda Cross tour is superb.Will start saving to own ONE.Thumps up Honda.I just hope the security system of the ride is excellent too?


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