2010 Dacia Duster


2010 dacia duster

Romanian Dacia company engineers have begun to test the first Romanian crossover Duster, whose serial option should show in March next year.

In the standard Dacia Duster will mono drive car, but the list of additional equipment and system must include the full drive. 5 door crossover, according to preliminary information, will be offered with 1.5 liter diesel engine and petrol engine volume 1.6 liters.

Start selling of 2010 Dacia Duster planned for the summer next year.

2010 duster suv

dacia duster 2010

dacia spy

dacia duster suv


  1. just two engines? 1.5 dCI and 1.6 MPI? these are too small for a car like this 🙁

    i heard that the body is inspired by the nissan x-trail

  2. Not that bad. It’s 105 hp! Fantastic yield for a commercial 1500 cc diesel.

    Jimny has a similar engine of less max. output. Note that Jimny may look tiny, but has likely worse aerodynamic drag and mechanical friction due to its retro design.

    Let’s hope Duster has got a slow enough 1st gear which can suffice for the lack of low range.


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