AMG SLS Roadster spotted winter testing


amg sls roadster

Cold, dark and snowy. Doesn’t sound like the right place for a supercar, and an even worse place for an open top supercar? But it’s exactly where AMG and Mercedes are testing the Roadster version of the SLS. A real supercar should work in all conditions, even if it’s a Roadster.

There will be no technical changes to the Roadster compared to the Gullwing but since there is no fixed roof and therefore the body has been strengthen and added some weight, we suspect that the Roadster could be slightly slower. But that’s nothing we would complain over while cruising in the snow…….well, I mean at the French Riviera.

Expect the SLS Roadster to be unveiled during the Car Show in Geneva in March 2010.

2010 amg sls roadster

2010 mercedes amg sls roadster


amg sls roadster 2010

amg sls roadster spy




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