11 Functional and Stylish Accessories to Upgrade Your Car


Fresh from the dealer, the car that you get is the same unit as that of everyone else. Adding accessories is a way for you to make your car truly your own. Some serve a purely aesthetic purpose only while some may not look that good but are able to improve your driving experience.

The 11 items on this list check both boxes. Read on to find out which accessories you should invest on to truly upgrade your car.

1. Dash Camera

Dash cams are probably the last thing you would think of as stylish car accessories, but new iterations are as sleek as they’re functional. In case of road accidents, footage from dash cams can be submitted as evidence to the police and insurance companies.

2. Floor Mats

In case you don’t know, floor mats are the things you step on when you enter your car. They keep your floors free from dust or dirt, making cleaning easier to do. While floor mats commonly come in dull colors, customizing them is a quick way to show your personality.

3. Phone Holder

Phones are a necessity almost everywhere you go, but when you’re driving, your utmost focus should be on the road. To help you with the juggling act, secure your phone to a holder or mount on the dashboard. You can answer calls, check GPS, or control your music without getting too distracted.

4. Car Sunshade

Sunshades are great not only because they deflect sunlight but also because they keep your car’s temperature from getting too hot. They also protect areas of your car that easily get damaged from direct exposure to sunlight, like your dashboard, stereo systems, and upholstery.

5. Fender Flares

Simply put, fender flares look cool and are customized to match the contour of your vehicle’s body. More than that, they help prevent your tires from throwing dirt, mud, and other road substances into the air, potentially scraping your exterior finish.

6. Grill Guard

To achieve a rugged look, grill guards, or grill inserts, are the way to go. These are most commonly found in pickup trucks and other four-wheel-drive vehicles. Grill guards add another layer of heavy-duty protection at the front end of your car.

7. Running Boards

Most suited for tall cars, running boards make it easier to enter and exit your vehicle. They can either be static, which means they are fixed into place, or running, which means they pan out when the door is opened.

8. Roof-Mounted Light Bar

One way to make a truck or an SUV look sporty is by installing a roof-mounted LED light bar. These huge lamps come in handy in off-road driving and stormy weather for greater visibility. Now, don’t be a jerk; don’t turn these bad boys on when you’re just on the highway.

9. Blind Spot Mirrors

Side-view mirrors are great, but no matter how you position them, they will always have a blind spot. This is true for most cars. Adding a smaller convex mirror at the outer corner of your side mirror will help limit your blind spot.

10. Wind Deflectors

Also known as rain guards, wind deflectors are cheap accessories that can help improve the aerodynamics of your car. The automobile will be able to cut through the air more efficiently, thus reducing drag. Plus, wind deflectors look easy on the eyes.

11. Window Tints

Privacy is stylish, and that is what window tints can offer. In addition to keeping your car sleek, they help keep the interior temperature down and block out harmful UV light. You can even install window tints yourself, as they are quite easy to do.


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