10 Tricks to Save Thousands on Your Car


As you’re visiting Car Spy Photos, you are probably a big fan of cars. You love the way they look, you adore the sense of being on the road, and you can’t wait to test out new cars and tweak your own. You probably dislike one part of being a car fan and that’s the amount of money it can take to own a car.

Some estimates suggest that owning a car will see you spend around $500,000 on vehicles during your lifetime. That’s quite a lot of money, and this is just the cost for your average driver – car fanatics will easily double or triple that amount. So, how could you make having a car or cars just a bit cheaper? Here are 10 tricks that’ll help you save thousands on your car costs.

Avoid purchasing service contracts or extended warranties

Your car dealer will try selling you all sorts of extras when you are buying a new car. Avoid the temptation and keep a cool head when the extras start rolling in. The special service contracts and extended warranties in most instances have limited coverage and the cost tends to be higher than if you talked to a service provider directly. Always check with a service provider before signing up to these contracts and make sure to fully understand what the warranty covers.

Don’t have coverage on older vehicles

If your car is over 10 years old and it isn’t a historical or collectable version, cut the coverage contract. Repairing a car this old can often cost more than buying a new car and you therefore don’t want to be wasting money on the premium.

Check and change the air filters regularly

A clean car is likely to stay in good shape for a longer time and if you keep it in pristine condition, you’ll be able to attract a better resale price. Not to mention that cleaning things like the air filters can limit car breakdowns and improve gal usage. In fact, a dirty filter can reduce gasoline mileage by nearly 10%. Check out the Kwik-Fit clearance sale to find car accessories in your budget.

Keep the tires inflated

A proper pressure will improve your gas mileage and help you spend less. You should check what the right pressure is from the manual or in some instances, it might be printed on the tire itself. Check the pressure every month at a minimum.

Consider the benefits of using premium gasoline

Unless your manual specifically mentions it, you shouldn’t opt for premium gasoline. The difference is not noticeable and you’ll just end up spending up to 15% more on gas. Nonetheless, always use the advice of the car manufacturer into account when picking the gasoline.

Pump up your gas with a cash-back credit card

If you drive a lot, you’ll be pumping your gas regularly as well. While you can’t stop spending this money if you love driving, you could earn money while stopping at the gas station. Use a cash-back rewards credit card, like the American Express Platinum, and you might be able to save up to 3% on future stops.

Be smart when selecting insurance

Don’t just opt for the first car insurance you find. Use insurance comparison websites and talk directly to the insurance provider – some companies offer better deals when bought from them directly, rather than through a comparison site. It’s also a good idea to consider combining your car insurance with your home insurance. Having the same provider provide you multiple policies can reduce insurance costs by 5-10%.

Prove your good driving

Insurance companies love good drivers. It is understood that speeding or moving violations, not to mention the crashes, will increase your payments. To avoid this, you can install apps and monitoring devices to your car and prove you drive like a pro.

Cut the wasteful driving habits

You can make further spending reductions if you also become a better driver. Wasteful driving can double fuel consumption and therefore make you pay a lot more than you would need to. What are the few key habits to cut down on? Start accelerating gently, anticipate slow-down and stops to break slowly, drive at a steady speed (not too fast or too slow), and utilise cruise controls.

Learn to repair your car

Little fixes like replacing wiper blades and fuses are worth doing on your own. The labour cost of servicing can add $100 to your bill and you might sometimes pay more for the products as well. Shopping for car parts online can be smarter, as you can utilise voucher codes. Just make sure you don’t attempt to fix a major problem and be aware of what the insurer thinks about DIY.

If you love cars, but you don’t want them to cost a fortune, the above tricks can help. The ten tips will help you save thousands on your car and ensure you stay safer on the road!


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