10 Basic Things Every Car Owner Should Know


Man discover the wills.Every teenager is eager to get his driver’s license because of the sense of independence having a driver’s license brings. For some, it is the first step to being an adult and for others, a sense of belonging. Having a driver’s license tells everyone that you can drive but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are able to maintain or take care of a car too. Here are the 10 basic things every car owner should know:

Oil Check

For most people, starting the day means slotting your car key into the ignition and kicking the car. It’s a good thing to know how to check the oil level on your own. Cars are made now that there is an oil indicator on the dashboard. It is a good habit to always keep an eye on the oil level on the dashboard. It’s even better to be able to open the hood of the car and know where the oil goes in.  The car has a dipstick that can be used to manually check the oil level of the car.

Extra Tire

For most cars, the spare tire can be found underneath the car or in the boot section.  Tires wear off and may burst or lessen at any time. Knowing where the jack and the spare tire is located can be a lifesaver. Of even more importance is when you know how to change the tire of your car.

Car Maintenance

 Like everything in life, your car will need to be maintained to ensure that it has a long lifespan and serves you well. The car will have to be checked at specific intervals for things like the battery life, the need for an oil or fuel filter change and fan belt replacement. Unless you are a car ‘doctor’, it’s good to have the maintenance done by a professional.

Car Owner’s Manual

The car owner’s manual may not be an engaging manual for reading; it’s a good idea to go through it all the same. For one thing, the manual explains the function of every sign on the dashboard and what the beeping sounds mean.

Car Windscreen Wipers

The windscreen wipers ensure that our vision isn’t impaired when we are driving in weathers that may not be sunny or clear. A broken or worn out windscreen wiper will not keep the windscreen clear and may make driving during rainy days dangerous.

Jumper Cables

While we may think that it could never happen to us, forgetting to turn off the headlights or the sound system in the car is a possibility.  This can drain the battery of the car and leave you with a ‘dead car’. Having a jumper cable handy means that you can jumpstart the car by connecting the jumper cable to the battery terminals of another car.

Tire Pressure

Checking the tire pressure of the car may not seem as a required knowledge but an inadequate tire pressure can affect the handling of the car. It can also make the car drag when moving, thereby increasing fuel consumption. An inadequate car pressure can damage the tire permanently.

Check Engine Light

Every car owner should know where the check engine indicator is in the car. If the check engine light flashes, then it could mean that there is a serious problem with the car and should not be driven.

Shocks And Brakes

 A lot of car owners don’t know when their shocks and brakes have worn out and keep driving the car. This can be dangerous and can cause accidents. A good way of knowing if your shocks are bad is when the car rattles or shakes when going over bumps. A faulty or worn out brake system means that the car will not be stable. The effect can be felt on the steering wheel.

A Good Auto Shop

Having a good mechanic on speed dial is a must for every car owner. Choosing a good mechanic or auto repair shop may not mean choosing the nearest shop to you or the cheapest mechanic. It’s always good to ask around or read reviews if choosing a repair shop online. Choose an auto repair shop or mechanic that you trust or has been recommended.

Owning a car means that you will have to take care of the car; this goes beyond being able to drive to know some basic things that will extend the life of the car and make owning the car a satisfying experience. Many online resources like carcover.com help car owners to keep their cars in good condition and have better mileage, thereby saving some money.


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