Your car is spying on you. 13 July 2016, Andry @ 6:21 pm

What an incredibly arrogant comment and one that will be quoted years from now as an example of ignoring both technical platform trends and consumer demands; “We’re not in a position of turning over our vehicles to a Google or Apple experience,” says Don Butler, Ford’s executive director for connected vehicles and services. “We want to make sure our customers have a chance to give informed consent” on how details about their habits are used. “And,” he adds, “we want to share in any value created.”” (more details here )


I am so frustrated with the absolutely lame attempts of car manufacturers to maintain a proprietary sealed off world in the car cabin. Jaguar has been listed for years as an Apple CarPlay adopter yet on their latest InControl Touch Pro system debuting in recent model years they perpetuate the half-assed, lame pseudo apps approach. I know of people not buying the F-Pace vehicle because of this.

It is simply impossible that even the largest car manufacturer can compete on software platform or apps with Google and Apple who are spreading development costs over billions of users. Many in the early PC industry learned this the hard way and so will car manufacturers. As importantly the phones are being constantly updated, both OS and apps. Unless you own a Tesla it’s a rare manufacturer that provides real updates other than bug fixes to their infotainment/navigation systems and they often want to charge for what should be free, map updates and the like.

What is the solution? Many smart car companies are adopting Apple and Goole software wholeheartedly and people should buy those cars. At the very least make it an option. I’d gladly pay $500 for CarPlay capability. I’ve had it for a while now through an aftermarket system from Pioneer in an older car and love it.

What will happen? After market providers will make systems that replace the car companies systems. People will simply ignore the car system and continue to use their phones putting themselves and others at risk because CarPlay and Google’s solution offer safer, more limited systems through in-dash systems.

I think the ultimate move would be for Apple and Google to simply offer an app approach to CarPlay. I press a button on the phone and the phone goes into CarPlay mode with the CarPlay interface on its screen and I put in a dash mounted bracket. By car system, by old school proprietary, circa 1989 approach by car manufacturers. Goodbye car company attempt to monetize me. Some folks have already done a partial hack to make this happen on an IPad.

Author: Greg Craig

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4 Responses to “Your car is spying on you.”

  1. Chris Berry says:

    No surprises here. Which is worse, big government or big corporations?

  2. Ryan says:

    Ryan Hall This is a light version of communism where their will no longer be private property.

  3. Hamed says:

    Just like how you spy on the entire fking world.

  4. Hiromi Ohori says:

    My car needs to be clever…or I will crash

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