Spy new images of the BMW Z4 successor

CAR’s spies have captured new images of the BMW Z4 successor, which is part of a joint development project with Toyota to build a new rear-wheel-drive sports car family.




8 Responses to "Spy new images of the BMW Z4 successor"

  1. Shane Wooding says:

    How could BMW sink so low…..Toyota make mediocre cars at best…they’ll just use it as a marketing ploy to sell more boxes on wheels…look at us we are on a par with BMW now!!!! Yeah right you are….

  2. James says:

    ^Just a thought, that might not be the finished car….
    On a serious note, hope to god it’s got a beemer engine. GT86/BRZ had so much potential but is waaaayy too slow for its price. Even if it purpose isn’t about outright performance, if you’re in a sports car costing £25k+ you shouldn’t be getting done by diesels.

  3. Ugur Nyet says:

    I just dont like the idea of bmw sharimg platforms with anyone else..
    First 2 series minivan thing and now this! such disappointments.
    But it must be imperative financial wise…

  4. Jeff German says:

    Germans lowering their standards of workmanship to japaneses?

  5. Eric Leippe says:

    The baby Mini/Aygo replacement is also exciting

  6. Eric bufquin says:

    Doesn’t look “extremely compact” to me…

  7. teresa says:

    That looks like something a fran would do

  8. Ian Slaney says:

    Looks like a 944 cabrio!

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