Renault Laguna? Please help to define car near Paris

SpyShot of future Renault Laguna

We received a letter from the Benoit

Here is a picture taken by my wife near Paris.
I would say that it might be the future Renault Laguna.
The number 27 on the right hand side of the number plate refers to the French Department called “Eure” where Aubevoye is located; this is where Renault have their test track.
Please live your suggestion in comments.

4 Responses to "Renault Laguna? Please help to define car near Paris"

  1. Ollie Heasman says:

    I saw three of these driving in convoy along the M27 near Southampton

  2. Adam Cook says:

    Is this not the Renault Talisman, due for launch late 2015

  3. MICHEL HUGUES says:

    il s’agit de la future Renault TALISMAN, véhicule de haut de gamme

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