Porsche Panamera Mk2 spy picture

Take a close look at the next-gen Porsche Panamera in our spy shot gallery. What do you think?


It looks almost the exact same… i thought porsche designers were lazy just with the 911 range but they`re lazy with the entire fleet. though, that shooting break looks quite good. i`d buy that, you know, if i had the money!

6 Responses to "Porsche Panamera Mk2 spy picture"

  1. Malek B. says:

    A bit better but still ugly. For me Porsche means 911 or 356!

  2. matt says:

    Needs a bit more work, Porsche engineers need to try actually making changes to cars that make a rear aesthetic difference.

  3. Nick Rusow says:

    I actually really like the current Panamera but the rims on this one look like they came from a Mazda.

  4. Ben from Allen says:

    Seen prototype being tested on the M6 – near Crewe, Bentley’s home! – looks huge and bulky

  5. Dr. Ripley says:

    So as ugly as the old one with the exception of the headlights, which are uglier.

  6. Deon Du Toit says:

    Looks a lot like the previous one.

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