Please help identify car models

We have many spy pictures. We need your help to define models. Please leave in comments your version.

❶ Alfa Romeo xxx?

Alfa Romeo spy picture

❷ Fiat Tipo? Fiat  Aegea?


fiat2❸ Jeep xxx?


❹ Jeep xxx?



❺ xxx?


jeep spy phtos

spy picture of jeep44

❻ xxx?


Spy pictures provided by Guglielmo.

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  1. John says:

    Ok, seems like these are old photos. The smaller Jeep is the Renegade, the silver one is obviously a Grand Cherokee, number 2 and 3 I’m not sure. The first one is the Alfa Giulietta facelift. The last one is a Fiat 500L. All of the jeeps and the Fiat have been out for a while in the states. And they are crap! Not worth the money.

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