2010 Mercedes S class Limo

2010 mercedes s-class limo

Spy photos of an updated limousine on the basis of Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Limousine got a new front bumper with LED lamps. About any changes in the aggregate of the car is not known.

New Mercedes S-class Limo presented at the end of 2009 and go on sale in 2010.

2010 mercedes benz s limousine

mercedes-benz s-class limousine 2010

new mercedes-benz s-class limousine

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  1. Omkar says:

    When a country like India, where Merc has a solid base, will have these kind of cars in routine production ?

  2. hidro says:

    superba…NO COMENT !!!

  3. Chaitanya says:

    This is mastthat car ..

    supuer car …………maxxxxxx iiiiiiiiiiii

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