New 2013/2014 Renault Clio Testing Stage 4 June 2012, eagleweb @ 9:58 pm

According to RENAULT CLIO, it only took around 4 months to decide this development concept. The models will be soon launched at the Paris Motor Show. Recently, the photographers have captured Renault Clio prototype. Manufacturers are best. Moreover, key dissimilarity is the rear door panels and outer front which seem to have felt a bit of hitting in the shop. Both right as well as left sides have similar style. The spy shots captured here having the similar style and body to the earlier prototype.
It simply means that the strange look will remain till the production concept is unveiled. Different units of diesel and gasoline engines are anticipated to be provided. The entry level model is anticipated to be a brand new 1.2 liter TCE with 83 kW / 113 PS (112hp). The unknown turbocharged unit will be utilized in the Renault Sport Clio. In short, the concept is planned to be launched at the Motor show coming year that gives engineers around 4 months to complete improvement.

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