Can you guess the identities of these camouflaged cars?


❶ Enough room for William, Kate and two kids?


❷ Win, place or show in the Kentucky Derby.


❸ Disguising a total sea change.


❹  No, it’s not an electric vehicle.


❺ Goes nicely with Bulgari watches.


❼ This is a gimme. Don’t recognize this one? Time to rethink your career aspirations.

7❽ Antoine de la Mothe…


❾ New mystery car spied March 9. Please help identify it!


6 Responses to "Can you guess the identities of these camouflaged cars?"

  1. Lev says:

    Pretty sure it’s a Jeep Grand Cherokee

  2. travel says:

    El Camino and 1997 astro van

  3. Josef says:

    Ford Focus and the camo version of the Ford Focus lolol if I had to guess..

  4. figo says:

    Chrysler2,000 and a Range Rover sport

  5. David says:

    Top photo is of an engineering mule for the Rolls Royce SUV.

  6. Ethan says:

    1.) Land Rover/ 2.) Ford Mustang/ 3.) Chrysler Pacifica/ 4.) Dodge Charger/ 5.) Ford F-150/ 6.) Chevy Corvette/ 7.) Cadillac ATS/ 8.) Jeep Cherokee

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