A spy photos of new Ford Fiesta for 2016 8 July 2016, Andry @ 9:28 am

Seen these spy shots? They’re of the next Ford UK Fiesta. What do you think?




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9 Responses to “A spy photos of new Ford Fiesta for 2016”

  1. Peter Sarwan says:

    Not sure about that paint job ?

  2. Peter Sarwan says:

    ^hahah – yes bit of British sarcasm for you there

  3. Emiljan Rexhepi says:

    It seams to me like a Punto front with an Subaru Impreza rest… And yes with a wide body

  4. Bryan Peck says:

    It’s UK, the paint will fall off, and it will break down…nothing unusual…;)

  5. Costa Mol says:

    I think that they should make their automatic transmissions on fiesta and the double clutch focus last a little more than 80k miles.

  6. alistair says:

    Looks duller than the current model.

  7. Scott F. says:

    Clio anyone?

  8. Michael Smith says:

    5 Door only?

  9. Mr. Patroklou says:

    Hope they don’t go too far from current design cause its great

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