2018 Subaru Ascent spy shots

2018-subaru-tribeca-0Just throwing this out there… Subaru, I love my eyesight as much as the next owner… but did you REALLY think that a bunch of tape over it would hide that it’s one of your vehicles? — PS Dual exhaust is indicative of turbo or 3.6… but probably 3.6 in this case. Throw in the Legacy/Outback front end and the Forester taillights, and this is a really bad attempt at camo.

2018-subaru-tribecaThe proportions aren’t appealing, those overhangs are way too long to be sleek, problem with the short wheelbase? Looks like stretched Outback, Subaru cars aren’t the best designs

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  1. Gabriel Neyra says:

    Subaru is about to try out the midsize SUV market again, benchmarking the Ford Explorer and the new Mazda CX-9.

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