2018 Honda Accord spy shots

2018-Honda-Accord-spy-1Meet Honda’s new Civic-based Accord, caught hot-weather testing in the boiling American Southwest.

2018-Honda-Accord-spy-2It’s not “Civic based” as the platform architecture is modular and will underpin a number of next gen Honda’s. This Honda platform is the equivalent to VW’s MQB platform.

2018-Honda-Accord-spy-3I definitely see the 1.5T replacing the base 2.4 right now for the next gen. Still unsure whether they will follow the Malibu/optima/sonata lead of all turbo 4’s. The current v6 gets 34 mpg highway, and I do not see a turbo 4 doing much better. Then again based on the segment right now they very well may drop the v6 in favor of the 2.0T

2018-Honda-Accord-spy-4The only thing I see coming close to the Civic is the more fastback design. The rest will have more mature detailing.


12 Responses to "2018 Honda Accord spy shots"

  1. Clint Smith says:

    9th Gen Accord Coupe V6MT= best Accord of all time! (And the fastest Honda ever)
    Gen Accord

  2. Clint Smith says:

    Want to see the next gen TLX or ILX from Acura. They have a lot of potential if they bumped up HP and offered more sporty trims levels/models.

  3. Mr. McCracken says:

    I hope it doesn’t borrow too much styling from the civic, but from the camo I think it might. Still will be a good car, but I hope they do not over do it like they did with the new civic

  4. Austin says:

    Really hope they keep the V6 model, but they could also throw in a turbo 4 if they please. I’m sure some will buy it.

  5. Tyler McCracken says:

    Why would you make the Accord to look like the Civic? The Accord is way better. My parents have both of them and the Accord is much better looking and performing

  6. Brad Goodrich says:

    Got damn Honda, didn’t you just produce a new Accord this year?

  7. Owens Norman says:

    Quit goofing off Honda and give us a car we want- a new s2000. No wait, a new prelude!!!!!

  8. Jason Taylor says:

    Let’s hope it doesn’t take styling cues from the Civic.
    But if I’m reading through the camo correctly, it does.

  9. Hard to tell with the camo on but if it looks as good as my accord I might be trading mine in.

  10. Patrick Redden says:

    It’s funny that no one has mentioned the dash/axle ratio..

  11. Darren Walden says:

    I’ll stick with my ’16 for now

  12. Billy Hunt says:

    Not saying it’s over weight but I wonder if it will shed a few pounds

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