2018 Ford Focus RS500 spy pictures and video

Got to be the smartest car on the road. Points I noted. It has manual gearbox. Its front end feels still heavy. Back doors and back seat, again in an RS500!

Ford-Focus-RS500-1I think Ford should go even more crazy with RS500, no back doors, seats,optional AC and infotainment, carbon fiber wheels, carbon fiber hood and aluminium composite suspension and parts,

Ford-Focus-RS500-2The current RS is 1599 kg, an RS500 should be under 1475 kg wet to be a proper performance car, otherwise even some FWD bad ass cars will kick its butt.


Spy video

4 Responses to "2018 Ford Focus RS500 spy pictures and video"

  1. Nicky Grove Sba says:

    I think it’s horrible I’ll be honest, wouldn’t pay all that money for one

  2. Mark Stainton says:

    Nothing wrong with a Supercharged Honda Houla

  3. Tracey Lisk says:

    Give me a Mk2 RS 2000 or a Subaru Imprezza x

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