2018 Audi RS3 Sedan spy shots and video

Just think of it as a four-door Audi USA TT RS. 5-cylinder engines always sound spectacular. It reminds me Quattro from Group B.


I love Audis but god damn it their exterior looks so boring !!! Like an unbuttered toast … Bland with nothing special whatsoever… They are lacking in comparison to Mercedes and BMW


Bring back the hatch A/S/RS3. Enough of these silly micro sedans.


Video Audi RS3 Sedan testing at the Nürburgring

Looks pretty good, but sounds fantastic!

5 Responses to "2018 Audi RS3 Sedan spy shots and video"

  1. Oh Boon Keong says:

    Subaru fanboys aren’t amused either.
    Audi might add HUGE rear spoiler to get Subaru pissed.

  2. Greg Pamachena says:

    Why do all the test cars have camouflage?

  3. Spycar says:

    So car companies don’t copy, Asian manufacturers like to copy German cars

  4. Jamez says:

    Not sure if I’d like to pay that much money for a car that shifts for me and let the car have all the fun

  5. Tyler says:

    Sweet ride. nice Audi curves. Not my favorite but still million times better compared to any hideous Ghettollac shitbox

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