2017 Mercedes GLT Pickup X-Class spy video and sreenshots

mercedes-pickupThe Mercedes GLT400 looks like it will be built on the Nissan Navara platform, a mid-size pickup sold outside of the United States. Yes, I know. Hard to believe, but here we are.

It’s the Europeean Nissan Navara (NP300). It is the best pick-up on the market, yet and it is comfy on road even withoat a load in the back. Has coil springs, not leafs. One ton payload and small fuel consmuption. The engine is from a panel van and the rear suspension ia from the glorious Patrol. Thos MB is the chance for US to see how a pick-up is build in Europe. Yours are too big and too expensive to run.

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  1. Sany says:

    Those Germans are nuts! First Mercedes Benz 6×6, and now this? Smh!

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