2013 MG 3 facelift spied in Europe 31 July 2012, eagleweb @ 11:33 am

We have managed to a glimpse of the MG3 2013, which is just ahead of being launched early part of next year in Europe.
This model has revised on the grille and has a new bumper in the front. The cabin too has been updated, with work done on the suspension. This has been done keeping in mind the preferences of the European crowd. As far as updates on the Engine are concerned, you will find a 1.3 liter with an 88hp and 1.5 liter with a 133 hp. Each offering a 66 kW / 89 hp and 99 kW / 135 PS respectively.

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One Response to “2013 MG 3 facelift spied in Europe”

  1. SteveJobs3317 says:

    This car sold very well in China, and I suppose it will sell good in Europe too!

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